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What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Who is Eligible to File?

Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy provides relief to the debtor of any amount of debt owed and does not involve filing a repayment plan as in Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The debtors' non-exempt assets are liquidated by a trustee and the funds are distributed to pay the creditors. (For many or most debtors all of their property will be protected.) Under the Bankruptcy code, the debtor is able [...]

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Facing Wage Garnishment? Here’s What You Dan Do

Are you facing wage garnishment, and don't know what to do? Unfortunately, Washington is one of the states where creditors can take a portion of your wages after they have obtained a judgment. Different types of creditors can take different amounts of money from you. The IRS can take a certain amount up to everything besides what they deem to necessary for you to pay for basic living necessities [...]

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Do What You Love: I Am a Bankruptcy Attorney and I Love It

How many times were you told when you were growing up that you should do what makes you happy? Dozens? Hundreds? I was told that over and over, and I struggled with it through university. After taking a 4 year break teaching English in Japan, I went to law school. I then graduated at a terrible time for attorneys. Large firms were not hiring, government was not hiring, so [...]

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The Intersection of Bankruptcy, Loan Modifications, and Refinancing.

  Is your house in foreclosure and you have been working with the mortgage company for months to try and get a loan modification which could solve the issue? Does the mortgage company seem to be dragging their feet, asking you for the same documents over and over and yet you do not seem any closer to actually accomplishing anything? Have you tried refinancing but didn’t qualify because of bad [...]

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Tax Refunds and Bankruptcy

Tax refund season is typically the busiest time of year for bankruptcies to be filed.  The reason is pretty simple, people who have been slogging along trying to pay their bills have not had the extra money to use for a bankruptcy attorney.  Their tax refunds change that and finally make it possible for many people to get their cases filed.If you are considering bankruptcy there are some things to [...]

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When filing bankruptcy what can you keep?

Setting up a bankruptcy claim the right way can help you keep your car, home, and belongings. Bankruptcy. For most people, the word invokes a terrible scene of punishment for having financial challenges, but let’s look at this in a different way. Bankruptcy is a tool available to the public that can help them overcome their overwhelming debt. It can provide much-needed relief and the ability to start fresh [...]

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