The Intersection of Bankruptcy, Loan Modifications, and Refinancing.

  Is your house in foreclosure and you have been working with the mortgage company for months to try and get a loan modification which could solve the issue? Does the mortgage company seem to be dragging their feet, asking you for the same documents over and over and yet you do not seem any closer to actually accomplishing anything? Have you tried refinancing but didn’t qualify because of bad [...]

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Tax Refunds and Bankruptcy

Tax refund season is typically the busiest time of year for bankruptcies to be filed.  The reason is pretty simple, people who have been slogging along trying to pay their bills have not had the extra money to use for a bankruptcy attorney.  Their tax refunds change that and finally make it possible for many people to get their cases filed.If you are considering bankruptcy there are some things to [...]

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When filing bankruptcy what can you keep?

Setting up a bankruptcy claim the right way can help you keep your car, home, and belongings. Bankruptcy. For most people, the word invokes a terrible scene of punishment for having financial challenges, but let’s look at this in a different way. Bankruptcy is a tool available to the public that can help them overcome their overwhelming debt. It can provide much-needed relief and the ability to start fresh [...]

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The Financial Impact of COVID-19

We know that many people and businesses are being negatively impacted due to the coronavirus epidemic, and we’re here to help. If you’ve lost your job or have had your hours cut and can’t pay your bills, sign up for a free consultation with us to see what your options are. Meetings can be done virtually to minimize the community transmission of the virus. In a time where stress is [...]

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How to Stop Wage Garnishments

Unfortunately, Washington is one of the states where creditors can take a portion of your wages after they've obtained a judgment. Different types of creditors can take different amounts of money from you. The IRS can take a certain amount up to everything besides what they deem necessary for you to pay for basic living necessities (they don’t need a judgment). Student loan creditors are capped at 15% (they don’t [...]

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Restoring Driving Privileges Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Having your driving privileges revoked can obviously lead to financial stress. In most parts of Washington State individuals and families are reliant on their cars for relatively affordable transportation to work, the grocery store, doctors visits, etc… Imagine a scenario where a single parent is desperate to get to the office to clock in. If he or she doesn’t arrive in time, they could be terminated for being late. They [...]

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How to Find a Respected Bankruptcy Attorney in Lynnwood

Are you experiencing financial difficulties in Lynnwood, Washington? It may be time to speak with a bankruptcy attorney. This thought can be quite intimidating, especially for people who have never filed for bankruptcy before. The best course of action is finding a lawyer to explain the process; but how exactly do you do that? Keep the following tips in mind as you begin your search for a reliable bankruptcy attorney [...]

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Signs it Might be Time to File for Bankruptcy in Edmonds

Are you struggling with your personal finances in Edmonds, Washington? It might be time to speak with a bankruptcy attorney in your area. If you feel hopeless and stuck in your present situation, it’s important to realize that you always have options. Financial problems are never easy to handle but, fortunately, a lawyer can help you navigate the process. Consider the following common signs that it’s time to file for [...]

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Types of Personal Bankruptcy in Everett

Are you experiencing serious financial problems in Everett, Washington? It may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. If, after speaking with a bankruptcy attorney, you think that this is the best course of action, it’s important to understand the process. As an individual, there are two types of personal bankruptcy options available to you. Keep the following information about each of them in mind as you begin filing for [...]

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Debt Consolidation vs. Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement, which is right for you?

When debt becomes overwhelming, it is tough to make a decision about how to deal with it. Let me start by saying that every person and every situation is different. The right choice for one person may not be the right choice for another. People will often come in to see us for a free consultation asking about the pros and cons debt consolidation vs. bankruptcy vs. debt settlement. I [...]

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