Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also referred to as ‘debt reorganization’, ‘debt consolidation’ or ‘debt restructuring.’ Chapter 13 may be the best option for debtors which sustainable income who want to save a house or car that has delinquent payments, or for debtors who have higher net worth.  It is the second most used form of personal bankruptcy.

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How does Chapter 13 work?

One of the main benefits of filing Chapter 13 is that debts can be restructured into one manageable payment amount at a reduced interest rate. Filing Chapter 13 stops repossessions and foreclosures and can eliminate or reduce many types of debt including medical bills, taxes, credit cards and car loan debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy usually provides three to five years to repay debt.”  In the bullet points, please add one more that says, “People who need to get their licenses reinstated due to unpaid traffic tickets.

Who is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Designed for?

  • Wage earners with assets and home equity not protected by Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Homeowners who are behind on mortgage payments
  • Homeowners wanting protection from foreclosure
  • Wage earners dealing with garnishment of wages
  • Taxpayers who need time to repay taxes
  • People drowning in debt and/or facing rising interest rates
  • People who need to stop repossession of assets

The highly experienced bankruptcy attorneys of Curtis, Casteel & Palmer, PLLC in Lynnwood have helped hundreds of good people regain their financial footing and find their way through the bankruptcy process to financial freedom. If you’re considering bankruptcy alternatives or filing Chapter 13, call for a free bankruptcy and debt relief consultation today.

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