There IS life after bankruptcy. Whether filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or simply needing debt relief or real estate mediation, Steven Palmer and the staff of Curtis, Casteel & Palmer, PLLC have been trusted by hundreds in Lynnwood and Snohomish and North King Counties. Contact us to discover the best solutions and the quickest way into a better future via personal bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy Protects YOU

The unexpected massive shift of consumers toward online shopping has impacted large retailers (ToysRUS, The Limited, Radio Shack, Vitamin World, Aerosols and dozens more) who are closing stores and filing bankruptcy to gain time to reorganize and deal with debt. Bankruptcy is a right established by the founding fathers of our Constitution to help protect citizens protect themselves and their futures. The days of of being thrown into ‘debtor’s prison’ are over. Bankruptcy alternatives now allow individuals and companies the time and flexibility to cope with unexpected circumstances and financial issues.

Bankruptcy – You are Not Alone

Every year our debt-fueled economy and life challenges force hundreds of thousands to file bankruptcy. In 2016 there were 794,960 total bankruptcy filings.

  • 490,365 of those were Chapter 7
  • 296,655 were Chapter 13
  • 7,292 were Chapter 11
  • 461 were Chapter 12

End the Stress, Build Your Future

Bankruptcy can be both an ending and a new beginning; an end to the stress of crushing debt, the guilt of unpaid bills, the anxiety of looming home loss, harassing phone calls, IRS threats, fear of car repossession and the endless cycle of paying the minimums to get by but not get ahead.

Benefits of Bankruptcy – Build Your Future

Here are some of benefits that can come from filing bankruptcy:

  1. Rebuild and even improve your credit
  2. Buy or rent a home or car
  3. Stay out of debt with better budgeting
  4. Gain peace of mind & financial stability

Post-bankruptcy Pitfalls

There are many who desire to take advantage of those who’ve filed bankruptcy. Once your debts have been cleared it’s very important to avoid the pitfalls of high-fee credit cards and credit card repair scams. There are numerous services and courses that teach post-bankruptcy skills such as budgeting, repairing your credit, and how to work toward a financially solvent future. Steven Palmer can guide you to the resources you need to help you rebuild.

Help Planning for Life After Bankruptcy

Let Curtis, Casteel & Palmer, PLLC show you how bankruptcy can be the path to a new beginning with. A highly trusted legal firm for those facing financial difficulties, our client-centered solutions for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, foreclosure, garnishment and lawsuits are well known in Lynnwood and Snohomish and North King Counties. Call for a free debt relief and/or bankruptcy consultation.

720 Credit Score

For years, we have been meeting with clients who are terrified about the future: How will you survive in a world that will judge you based on your credit score? You need credit to rent an apartment, buy a car. In fact, more and more, employers are running credit checks on potential employees. We’ve listened to your concerns and then we found answers.

In our research, we’ve discovered a few things:

  1. If you take immediate steps to start rebuilding your credit score after a bankruptcy, you can transform your credit score 12 to 24 months after your bankruptcy has been discharged.
  2. You must take these steps. Too many people decide to wipe their hands clean of credit. As time passes, instead of having poor credit, they end up with no credit. Unfortunately, no credit is just as bad as poor credit.

Because our clients are so concerned about their credit, we searched high and low for the best credit education program out there. After testing the program, we learned that people who have been through’s credit program (7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score) transform their credit scores, usually within 24 months of declaring bankruptcy.

With these kinds of results, we decided to make this program available to every single one of our bankruptcy clients .

The credit education program usually costs $1,000 for enrollment. However, our goal is to enroll every one of our bankruptcy clients into the program for free.

To gain access to this amazing credit building program, call today to schedule an appointment.

There’s no faster way to build credit after a bankruptcy than through and

720 credit score

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